Azariah was captured from Judah at the same time as Daniel, and is Daniel’s trusted, best friend. As Daniel is promoted within the Babylonian regime Azariah helps Daniel as a scribe.
When king Nebuchadnezzar erects a statue of himself Azariah and his other Judean captives, Hananiah and Mishael refuse to bow to it. They are ordered to certain death by being thrown into the furnace of a large brick kiln. They survive with the help of an angel, who was sent by their God. Throughout the story, Azariah is there as a friend and support to Daniel.


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“The Exile” is a three-part film project based on the book of Daniel and the events surrounding remnant Israel’s seventy year exile in Babylon. Following in the tradition of Ben-Hur, this biblical epic fuses together the sub-genres to which “The Passion of the Christ” and “Gladiator” belong. The story carries the gospel message from a unique perspective, the events within it occurring hundreds of years before Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection.

Read the synopsis Part I; *(synopses for Part II; III, and screenplays – 320 pgs. total – are available. For inquiries, see contact information)

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"The Exile" - A Book (and Pending Film) by Michael Blakeslee

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