Concept Art

  • The King of Kings Versus the King of Beasts
    King Nebuchadnezzar leads a hunting party to eradicate a pride of lions residing in the bulrushes along the Euphrates River.
    He would take the sole surviving lion cub back to the palace to keep as a pet.
  • The Battle for Egypt
    The Battle for Egypt:     The king of Babylon issues the order to attack Pharaoh’s forces at Tanis. History neglected
    to name Nebuchadnezzar’s failed incursion into Egypt, and so the engagement depicted here is referred
    to as “the Battle of Goshen”. A thousand years earlier, it was this very same region where the
    Pharaohs of Egypt held the Children of Israel in slavery.
  • The Angel Gabriel
    The scene represents the angel Gabriel proclaiming the prophecy found in Daniel 9:24-26.
    Largely ignored over the centuries, this encrypted passage foretells the event of Christ’s death,
    while appearing to pinpoint the day it would occur.
  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
    The Hanging Gardens were destined to become one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
    This unique edifice was one more reason why, nearly three centuries later, Alexander the Great
    chose Babylon to serve as the capital of his newly formed empire. His rise to power was
    foretold by the prophecies recorded in the book of Daniel.


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“The Exile” is a three-part film project based on the book of Daniel and the events surrounding remnant Israel’s seventy year exile in Babylon. Following in the tradition of Ben-Hur, this biblical epic fuses together the sub-genres to which “The Passion of the Christ” and “Gladiator” belong. The story carries the gospel message from a unique perspective, the events within it occurring hundreds of years before Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection.

Read the synopsis Part I; *(synopses for Part II; III, and screenplays – 320 pgs. total – are available. For inquiries, see contact information)

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"The Exile" - A Book (and Pending Film) by Michael Blakeslee

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